SWL announced 50 million RMB A+ round capital financing

SWL finished 50 million RMB A+ round capital financing leaded by QF capital, this is the third financing after SWL established.

I black horse said, on October 10th, member of black horse groups,cross border food ingredients supply chain management service platform SWL talked to I-black horse group, companies finished a 50 million RMB A+ round capital financing. This round financing was headed by QF capital, long capital and Guangzhou Midas capital followed. This is the third capital financing after SWL established. Previously, SWL was invested in September 2015 by dark horses ventures and shanghai CIVC capital in its angel capital round, and in the same year finished the A round capital financing by long capital.

Founder of SWL, Mrs. Zhang Song talked to I-black horse, this round's capital financing will mainly focusing on each segments on cross border food ingredients supply chain, aiming at bringing cross border food ingredients supplying and demanding relationship from multilateral to bilateral, and also better serving clients with shipment delivery and service experiences, in order to make both upstream and downstream more efficient.

Mrs. Zhang is the 11th member camp student of black horse group. Before SWL established, she took three months market research in restaurants segment. The conclusion is that "Supply Chain improvement from overseas supplying to suppliers of restaurants is needed".

As restaurants, previously, food ingredients are not delivered in time, and also retention period of food ingredients is too long in some restaurants. A logical supply chain management is, upstream is adjusting production management based on downstream's demanding. On the other side, Mrs. Zhang discovered that Chinese restaurants are passively running based on what are supplying from upstream.

The ultimate difficulty of buying cross border food ingredients is, although purchase is managed after a dozen phone calls, but buyers always faces one question, they require more information to determine if price is reasonable, in the mean time, they require competitive price at accepted quality. Additionally, restaurants receive food ingredients after several middle agents. The end customers do not know the origin of food ingredients, and vice versa.

In the light of the complexity of cross border food ingredients, and also the information and logistics are less efficient, in late 2015, SWL was established dedicated to cross border food ingredients supply chain management. Mrs. Zhang positioned SWL as one stop cross boarder food ingredients E-commerce platform, and aimed at supplying best competitive global food ingredients to buyers.

"We learned the supply and demand modes in the market, and communicated with overseas, determined the direction of SWL. An effective market is a demand oriented market." said by Mrs. Zhang Song.

On SWL platform, exporters and end users can be matched, product traceability is achieved. Additionally, when users are at point of selecting, typing the desired food ingredients, systems will generate sufficient criteria to choose from like prices, and choose the best products or services.

Mrs. Zhang Song discloses, after one year operation, monthly trading volumn has been reached 150 million RMB. How does SWL operate from 0 to 1 stage in such a short period? Zhang Song believes, there are two key factors, firstly, we took a long time to think about and research how to cut in 2B business as a platform; secondly, SWL studies a lot of off-line business processes. Simply speaking, on SWL platform, all three states: pre-sale,sale process,and after sale are online based, real time tracing consists of where products are, temperatures measures, flight information are provided to clients.

Undeniable, SWL provides more efficient work to both suppliers and buyers; however, the question is both sides are price sensitive, how does SWL make profit? Regarding this matter, Zhang Song is not worried. She believes, the values SWL provided are integration and services based on internet, generating supply chain efficiency, lowering costs, and making profit.

Angel ventures capital investor,black horses ventures partner Hu Xiang said, overseas supply chain are too long,information is less transparent, therefore it gives platform company an opportunity to optimize. SWL was established almost one year, and built strong ties between supply chain management and user experiences, thus supports quick development in next stage.

In 2016, fresh E-commerce players are facing vital situation. Yummy 77 and CNyucai becomes history, the future is uncertain. But in Mrs. Zhang's point of view, it is still a giant market leaving for fresh E-commerce.

"Fresh food E-commerce, there are opportunities to go 2C market, and also opportunities in supply chain management, regardless of where to enter, if supply chain is integrated, and even focusing on individual segments in the supply chain, there is opportunity." said by Mrs. Zhang Song.